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Class 1 Stock The Ultimate One Design Championship.

The Class 1 Stock has been conceived and designed to be theultimate race catamaran of its size and developed to be perfect for one design racing. The design process has used the latest CAD processes and detailed calculations of aerodynamic and hydrodynamic forces, all in order to give an optimal balance to the boat. The objective being to produce a stable and safe craft which at the same time rewards skilful driving. The actual design is now very much ‘state of the art’ whilst not trying to reinvent the wheel or introduce pointless gimmicks.



The latest catamaran lines and sections are matched to very efficient aerodynamic features and styling to produce an extremely attractive boat that is also practical to race. The multiple step sponsons have been designed to give a good combination of acceleration, balance and speed. Then other features such as the spray rails, running rails and double chine have allowed for some new and improved ideas, all adding to the overall package of producing a craft that will perform excellently in all aspects and in close racing.


Beam, Max: 3.30m (10’ 10”) Height overall: 1.75m (5’ 9”) Length overall : 11.70m (38’ 5”) Length (UIM measurement) : 11.20m (36’ 9”)


Designed by Adam Younger Designs

Built by Ross-Smith Marine

Promted by H20 Racing Powerboat Promotions

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